Welcome to Beulah Sports.  For quite some time I have been posting women's soccer commentary on the Internet.  I finally decided to start up a site of my own that will feature that commentary. In addition, as a sports fan I find that it's very difficult to find a single place where I can find all my women's sports scores or links to box scores and official game or match reports.  Thus, without being overly ambitious the goal is to create a type of one stop shopping here - that is, links to scores and official match and game reports, and maybe a few features that you won't necessarily find anywhere else.  As my means and my aspirations are moderate at this point, the focus will be on women's soccer and basketball and only the Top 25 college teams will be covered.  Expansion will be forthcoming if there's enough interest.  These are my modest goals for the site and hopefully everything will be operating smoothly within the next few weeks.  I launched the site even though it is still a work in progress because qualifying for the 2003 Women's World Cup is upon us and my match reports needed a new home.  So enjoy.  The soccer commentary will remain the same (but maybe a little more timely . . . maybe) and will of course, be the featured original content of this site.  As this is just a little start up, any and all constructive comments and suggestions will be entertained and appreciated.  Thanks for reading,